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The Saline County Sheriff's Office has received complaints from citizens regarding possible scams through the mail.   Citizens have received a letter from "trustnet- a financial express company" in Arlington TX, stating they are winners in the NORTH AMERICA CONSUMER PROMOTION DRAW, and are entitled to a large sum of money (anywhere from $50,000 to $75,000).  

The letter has instructions to call the claim agent in order to receive the winning payable by certified check.   The letter also indicates there is a processing and insurance fee which is required before the lump sum can be sent out.  

Included in the letter is a check, exceeding the amount of the processing fee.  

Upon calling the claim agent, they instruct you to cash the check then call them back, and they will provide instruction on where to send the processing fee so the winner can claim the reward.

This is a scam! DO NOT CASH THE CHECK!

The check is a forgery, and written on a closed account from an actual bank.   If you are able to get the check cashed, it will "bounce" and you will be charged for the amount.   This will most likely occur after you have already sent $1000 in cash to an unknown person.

After you have a bounced check, and are $1000 in debt, you may be tempted to contact the company again. The company will then gladly reimburse you for your trouble, and ask for your bank account information so they can deposit money into your account.  

This is the second part to the scam, to obtain your bank account information and have access to your money.

Be wary of any sweepstakes, drawings, or lotteries that you did not actually sign up for.   If you have to pay any money to receive a prize, it is not valid.   Also, you cannot legally claim a prize from another country.   This particular letter was actually mailed from Ontario, Canada.

If you have any questions or concerns about this, or any other similar situations, please contact us at 660-886-5512 or stop by the Saline County Sheriff's Office.

New Release

  Our office received a call from a concerned citizen in regards to a subject claiming to be an employee from the United States Census Office.

  We have confirmed with the Census Office out of Kansas City that workers are in the area gathering information from citizens for the upcoming 2020 census. The workers should be wearing census credentials on their person or should be able to produce them upon request.

  If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Saline County Sheriff's Office at 660-886-5511.

Local Scams

The Sheriff’s Office has received several reports of ongoing telephone scams. Two of the most prevalent are calls from someone stating they are from the IRS and the other is someone reporting they are in jail.

The IRS scam involves a caller stating you must send money within a certain period of time or be arrested. The IRS will not contact you by telephone. Additional information and tips regarding contact from the IRS can be obtained on their website at www.irs.gov and go to Help on the screen.

The second scam is a caller stating they are in jail and need you to send them money. Often the caller will state they are a family member and may have a name that fits someone in your family. Calls from inmates in the Saline County Jail have a recording stating that is where the call is originating. If you have questions about someone being in jail in Saline County, you may call the office at 660-886-5511 or access the current inmate list on our website under Jail. If the person says they are in another county, it would be best to contact that jail directly or call our office and we can help with getting contact information for that agency.