Saline County
Criminal Justice Training Center

The road to success is paved with training.

Saline County Sheriff Wally George, in partnership with Creative Management Consultants, created the Saline County Criminal Justice Training Center in May of 2008. This was the first criminal justice training center controlled and operated independently by a Sheriff Department in the State of Missouri.

Saline County Criminal Justice Training CenterThe mission is to provide top quality, cost-effective continuing education training for peace officers.

Classes are primarily held at the Saline County Criminal Justice Center. A wide variety of programs are capable of being taught in-house.

Please use the link provided below for a list of peace officer courses:

CLICK HERE for an updated list of courses that are:
  • Missouri P.O.S.T. Approved Provider Courses approved for Peace Officers Courses are constantly being updated and others developed, as needs change.

    Anyone interested in any of the courses, or wishing to be notified of upcoming classes should contact Jim Simmerman, Director of Training, at 660-886-5512 or 660-886-7984. Or, e-mail him at

  • Community Awareness
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