Meet the Sheriff

Wally began his tenure with Saline County Sheriff's Department in January of 1970, working for Sheriff Henry Hoff as a radio dispatcher/jail officer. In 1972 Sheriff Hoff promoted Wally to the position of a road Deputy Sheriff, and in 1975 he was promoted to the position as Sheriff Hoff's Chief Deputy.

Sheriff Henry Hoff died in office in November of 1979, and Wally was appointed Acting Sheriff of Saline County until a special election was held on December 18th, 1979 at which time Wally was elected by the voters as their new Saline County Sheriff, and they have been re-electing Wally as their Sheriff ever since.

Having been re-elected by Saline County voters since 1979, Wally is the senior Sheriff for the state of Missouri, having served in office more years than any previous Missouri Sheriff.

Wally was born and raised in Saline County and has lived there all of his life, with the exception of his service to his country in the sixties of which he returned home as a Vietnam War Veteran.

Saline County Sheriff Wally George
Since 1979, Wally has dedicated his life to Saline County law enforcement, and has worked very hard at giving the citizens a professional and highly trained Sheriff's Department they can be very proud of.

Pictured at left, is Wally with his wife "C.J.", who worked in the Saline County Associate Circuit Court as a court clerk for more than thirty years, retiring in 2011.

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Meet Sheriff Wally George